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Santa Barbara Island

Day Trip Fares

Adult             13-54 years of age                 $82.00

Child             3-12 years of age                   $65.00

Senior           55 years of age and up         $74.00

Infant            2  years of age and under     $00.00
Must be Reserved

Camper Transportation

Adult             13-54 years of age                $114.00

Child             3-12 years of age                    $90.00

Senior           55 years of age and up         $104.00

Infant            2  years of age and under      $00.00
Must be Reserved

Pier at Santa Barbara Island Closed by the
National Park Service

Due to damage sustained during storms in the winter of 2015-2016 the National Park has closed the landing pier at Santa Barbara Island for an unknown duration. Island Packers has no trips planned for 2017 or 2018 at this time. The National Park has no date for completion of the repairs to the landing pier.

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Santa Barbara island lies 38 miles from the coast of Califronia.  The smaalest island at on 1 sqyare mile or 639 acres.  This island, triangular in shape is a volcanic formation. The tallest peak is Signal peak at 634ft.

Santa Barbara Island is the only southern Channel Island in the park. This island is the smallest of the Channel Islands, yet it is big on wildlife and adventure.

Located about 55 miles from Ventura County, travel time is 2.5 to 3 hours depending on harbor of departure. The longer channel crossing increases the opportunity to see a variety of wild life such as whales, dolphins, and seabirds.

Visitors step from the boat onto a ladder and climb to a small dock. From the dock there is a ½ mile trail that leads to the top of the island.

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With warmer waters than the northern islands, Santa Barbara Island is a great place to kayak and snorkle.

This small island is rich in native flora, with a number of island endemics. Like the other Channel Islands, the spring wildflower bloom is colorful, yet many of the endemic plants actually bloom in the summer and fall, on this island

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The isolation of this island makes it an ideal place for many species of nesting seabirds and also for breeding seals and sea lions.

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There is no potable water and no shade trees on this island, so bring ample water, a hat or visor, and sunscreen.

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