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Kindergarten -12th Grade Educational Programs

Prices listed are for weekday field trips for groups of 20 or more.

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Anacapa Island

East End Landing Cove

A true oceanic island with 360 degree views of the ocean, East Anacapa is known for its abundant bird population and seasonal wildflowers. Its remote location makes it a perfect spot to cover science themes such as native and endemic organisms, introduced species, and geology. Social science themes include Native American inhabitants, explorers, and shipwrecks.

Anacapa Island

Frenchy's Cove Tide Pools (Closed for Trail Repair)

Visit some of the most pristine tide pools in Southern California. Science themes include organism identification, adaptation, predator/prey relationships, and current monitoring and preservation programs that protect this fragile inter-tidal ecosystem.

Santa Cruz Island

Scorpion Anchorage

Located on the east end of the largest island off the California Coast, Scorpion Ranch is a unique location to study science themes such as native and endemic organisms, introduced species, geology, and the marine environment. Scorpion Ranch has a long and interesting history of human activities including the site of one of the largest Chumash villages on the Channel Islands. Social science themes include Native American inhabitants, explorers, and the ranching period..

Santa Cruz Island

Prisoners Harbor

Mature students and/or smaller groups may want to consider the Pelican Trail hike at Prisoners Harbor. Considered one of the most diverse hikes on the islands, highlights include lush native vegetation and spectacular vistas. Education themes are similar to those described for Scorpion Ranch with an emphasis on restoration and conservation. (Requires special permission and release forms to visit The Nature Conservancy property.)

Santa Rosa Island

Bechers Bay

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Santa Barbara Channel &
C.I. Marine Sanctuary

Wildlife and Whales

Search the Santa Barbara Channel for marine mammals and other wildlife. With over 30 different species of marine mammals that either visit the area seasonally or live here year-round, there are always great opportunities for sightings. From January through March the focus is mainly on the migrating Pacific Gray Whales. Science themes include migration, oceanography, wildlife identification, and marine resources

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Fare: Winter Whales $22.00 per person
Fare: Island Wildlife Cruise $27.00

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